Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Of course, many factors have contributed to the success of this voyage, but I am convinced that our business culture, our approach, our way of thinking and our behaviour patterns, rooted in our traditions and national identity, have played a crucial role. All of these are elements that challenge the prevailing theories taught in respected business schools and observed in practice by many of the big American and British corporations. We are succeeding because we are different, and our track record should inspire the business establishment in other countries to re-examine their previous beliefs and the norms that they think will guarantee results. The range of Icelandic success cases provides a fertile ground for a productive dialogue on how the modern business world is indeed changing.

........I have mentioned this morning only some of the lessons which the Icelandic voyage offers, but I hope that my analysis has helped to clarify what has been a big mystery to many. Let me leave you with a promise that I gave at the recent opening of the Avion Group headquarters in Crawley. I formulated it with a little help from Hollywood movies: "You ain't seen nothing yet." "

- Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, stundum kallaður Guðfaðir útrásarinnar af fylgismönnum sínum, leiðir fáfróða útlendinga í allan skilning um hvernig menn ná árangri í alþjóða viðskiptum. Bútur úr ræðu hans: HOW TO SUCCEED IN MODERN BUSINESS -
LESSONS FROM THE ICELANDIC VOYAGE í Walbrook klúbbnum í London þann 3. maí 2005.

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